Comac Omnia 32

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Suitable for the maintenance and in-depth cleaning of large areas where the utmost discretion is required during cleaning operations (for surfaces up to 2,500 sqm).

The Omnia 32 scrubbing machines are available with disc brushes covering 83cm work-track.

The Omnia 32 scrubbing machines has automatic traction.


The Omnia 32 is extremely versatile thanks to the wide range of accessories which can be supplied, such as ppl or tynex brushes in variable bristle size and squeegee rubbers with different levels of hardness.

The strong mechanical structure and the high performance of its 36-Volt components can endure long cleaning sessions and work on demanding surfaces.

Ease of use thanks to the instrument panel which, through switches and warning lamps, gives clear and comprehensive information on the machine status.
Particular attention was paid to control ergonomics.
The automatic version features joysticks which allow easily driving the electrical jacks that lift up and lower the base and the squeegee, in addition to the automatic brush and electrovalve switch-off kit when the machine is not operating. High resistance during heavy-duty work, and good reliability.
Powerful and capable of carrying out particularly heavy-duty cleaning operations.
Non-marking wheels in order to leave no trace on the surface after the passage of the machine and for perfect traction even on a wet floor.

Technical Specifications
Work capacity up to sq.m./h
Autonomy up to (h)
Working width (cm)
No. of brushes (Ø cm)
2 (43)
Width with squeegee (cm)
Solution tank (L)
Noise level dB (A)
Power supply
Battery (36V)