Tork Advanced Spray Soap Foodservice 400ml 12 refills 4800ml

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Specially formulated spray soap for Food Service use. Is approved by New Zealand AgriQuality for food and beverage use including dairy factories and Australian AQIS approved. Contains antibacterial.

Get a lot of lather for a little. The Spray Soap Hand Cleanser System uses up to 60% less soap than conventional hand cleanser systems by an innovative fine mist spray

Controlled dosage delivers 2,000 portions per cartridge (0.2ml dosage) leading to less refilling and reduced risk of run-out.Sealed cartridges with single use pump ensure no bacteria build up.Specialised food service soap contained antibacterial for added hygiene.

Cartridges are hermetically sealed for added hygiene
• High capacity system reduces servicing cost and the risk of run-out
• Gentle on the skin (skin neutral 5.5pH)
• Specialised food service cleanser available for maximum hand hygiene

System S8A - Spray Soap
  • ColourTransparent 
  • AppearanceTransparent 
  • Material Carton
  • Height 106 mm
  • Width 82 mm
  • Length 75 mm
  • Volume 0.0 dm3
  • Gross weight 468 g
  • Transport unit (Case)

    • Case EAN 19310004914554
    • Consumer units (Pack) 12
    • Material Carton
    • Height 9 mm
    • Width 304 mm
    • Length 424 mm
    • Volume 1.2 dm3
    • Gross weight 5.62 kg