Tork Advanced Spray Soap Hand Wash 400ml 12 refills 4800ml

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Specially formulated spray soap for effective cleansing for hands ensures hygiene and freshness with each wash. This cleanser is mild on the skin and pleasant to use.

Get a lot of lather for a little. The Spray Soap Hand Cleanser System uses up to 60% less soap than conventional hand cleanser systems by an innovative fine mist spray.

Cartridges are hermetically sealed for added hygiene
• High capacity system reduces servicing cost and the risk of run-out
• Gentle on the skin (skin neutral 5.5pH)
• Specialised food service cleanser available for maximum hand hygiene

Controlled dosage delivers 2,000 portions per cartridge (0.2ml dosage) leading to less refilling and reduced risk of run-out.Sealed cartridges with single use pump ensure no bacteria build up

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