Windsor Saber Compact 17

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On-board charger enables the operator to charge the machine quickly and easily. Large capacity solution and recovery tanks increase productivity. Hands-free spin on/off brush/pad system for greater ease of use. Simple, efficient vacuum system that completely dries the floor.
Simple controls increase operator confidence and performance.
Pad/brush assist propelling system increases productivity.
Adjustable handle for comfortable use by any operator.


Performance Features
Saber 17 now comes standard with an on-board battery charger.
Saber 17’s unique pad driver/ brush replacement system allows you to mount and remove pad/ brush without using your hands for increased convenience and safety.
Easy access to batteries, vacuum and brush motor simplify scheduled maintenance.
Saber’s contoured shape provides the operator the safety of a commanding view of the work area. Compact and maneuverable design simplifies cleaning in confined areas.

Technical Specifications
1 x 17" (43 cm)
Solution Capacity
8 gallon (30 ltr)
Recovery Capacity
10 gallon (37.5 ltr)
Vacuum Motor
.5 hp, two-stage
Brush Motor
.75 hp, permanent magnet DC, totally enclosed
Pad Driver
1 (included)
Pad/Brush Speed
200 rpm
30" (76 cm) curved cast aluminum frame, with Linatex blades
Pad/brush assist
Fully adjustable
Rear: 2 x 6" (15 cm)
Front: 2 x 3" (7.5 cm) casters
Electrical System
24V, two–12V 105 A/H or 130 A/H batteries, comes with on-board charger
Dimensions (LxWxH)
40" x 20" x 31" (101.5 cm x 51 cm x 78.5 cm)
Weight Without Batteries
142 lbs (64.4 kg)