HD 7/10 CX F (Food Grade) *3 Phase Cold Water High Pressure Washer

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Cold-water high-pressure cleaner for daily commercial use in the food industry.


With its compact dimensions, robust construction and greatest possible manoeuvrability, this unit is a credit to the compact class.  Pressure hose reel, supported at both sides keeps the pressure hose tid, its length of meteres ensures a wide working radius.

The upright HD 7/10 CXF provide impressive mobility, compactness and a superior performance. Featuring a 15m hose on a hose reel, a tough, high performance motor and axial three-piston pump, the 7/10 CXF is built to perform.


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It boasts familiar KÄRCHER features such as a full shock-resistant plastic covering that protects the high-pressure pump from damage and soiling. Other very good features are a power cord storage (with plug lock) and a nozzle compartment arranged practically on the back of the unit.

The cleaner comes with a three-way nozzle that enables the water jet to be adjusted quickly and easily. You can choose between a high-pressure pencil jet, a high-pressure fan jet (25°) and a low-pressure fan jet. The low-pressure fan jet (40°) is used for dispensing cleaning agent. The cleaning agent metering valve enables cleaning agent to be mixed continuously with the high-pressure jet.

The large-volume oil container, which is very important for ensuring that the unit is always adequately lubricated, can be checked very easily from outside through an oil level inspection glass.

The three-piston axial pump with ceramic pistons and a brass cylinder head guarantees a long service life and low susceptibility to faults. The special feature of this newly developed pump is that both the water inlet and the high-pressure outlet are made of brass, which makes them highly resistant to fracture and corrosion

Standard accessories:

    Spray gun, Easy Press trigger gun
    Trigger gun with soft grip insert
    Pressure hose, 15 m
    Spray lance, 850 mm
    Triple nozzle (0°/25°/40°), Manual
    High-pressure hose reel
    Anti-twist system
    Pressure cut-off
    Infinitely variable pressure and water flow regulation
    Servo Control

Supply voltage Ph/V/Hz


Flow rate (l/h) 250-700
Working pressure (bar/MPa)


Max. pressure (bar/MPa) 120/12
Max. water inlet temperature (°C) 80
Connection load (kW) 4.5
Weight (kg) 31.3
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 360x375x 925