3-in-1 Professional Multi-purpose Drip Oil 88mL 2x6 Clip Strips

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3-in-one professional multi-purpose original drip oil - lubricates, cleans and prevents rust. This multi-purpose oil lubricant has a precise, easy to use drip spout which enables precise lubrication, with no overspray or splatter.

 It can be used on in-line skates, tools, bicycles, wheels, fans and moving parts. Available in 88ml.

You can use 3-in-1 Professional Multi-purpose Drip Oil  to lubricate chains, brake cables and squeaky seats. In-line skaters and skateboarders not only use 3-IN-ONE Oil to lubricate wheel bearings, but to protect their gear from rust and corrosion for smooth performance in extreme conditions.
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