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Cappuccino Machine Cleaner.  Restore is an advanced cleaner and destainer which effectively removes deposits and tannins. It has a 4 way cleaning action comprising of activated oxygen, enzyme, detergents and alkalinity.

Restore is safe to use through all machines and totally rinses away, ensuring no possibility of tainting. Due to Restore’s highly concentrated nature, it is very economical to use. Restore is also ideal for soak destaining of coffee cups, plates, cutlery, aprons, table cloths and napkins. It is completely safe to use on these items and will not fade or bleach colours.
FEATURES AND BENEFITS: White odourless powder. Concentrated for economy . Removes all problem soils and tannins. Fast acting to save time. Dissolves readily. Multi-purpose application. Non-corrosive. Colour safe. Colour coded labelling. Ensures easy product identification and simplifies training. DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Cleaning the Upper Filter, Put half a tablespoon of Restore in the blind filter of each group , Open the delivery valve for about 20 seconds, Close the delivery valve, Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the water discharged is perfectly clean, Rinse several times using a normal filter, Cleaning of Filters and Filter Holders:  Prepare a solution (1 tablespoon of Restore per litre of boiling hot water) in a plastic, stainless steel or glass container - IT MUST NOT BE ALUMINIUM OR IRON. 2 Put the filters and filter holders in the solution for an hour (or overnight for best results). 3 Rinse well in plenty of running water. Soaking Cutlery, Crockery and ApronsLight Soils: Use 8-12 grams of Restore per litre (approx. 1/3 - 1/2 cup per 10L) of water at 50°C to 70°C. Soak for 15 to 30 minutes. Drain and rinse wares with clean water. Heavy Soils:Use 15-25 grams of Restore per litre (approx. ¾ - 1 cup per 10L) of water at 50°C to 70°C. Soak for 30 to 60 minutes or overnight if convenient for very heavy soils. Drain and rinse wares with clean water. NOTE HIGHER TEMPERATURE WATER WILL PROVIDE FASTER RESULTS.

NOTE: This product has been decanted into smaller pots of 1.5KG due to customer demand for this size.  Product picture may vary from actual product.