Airoma Extreme Fragrance - 270ml Air Freshener

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Airoma® XTREME fragrances provide a stronger, more intense burst of fragrance to the facility in which it's required.

2 piece actuator on aerosol can ensure optimum fragrance dispersal. Xtreme, premium bursts of fragrance - stronger fragrances enabling increased longevity levels.

There are 4 exclusive fragrances to choose from - match a fragrance to the ambiance required.

Florida Zest brings the orange groves of Florida to your environment with just one hit. This Xtremely bright and glorious burst of citrus will offer energy and power. To feel different from the rest, you’ve got to smell the zest.

African Pride take pride of your setting with a scent as distinctive as the African lion itself. This clean, cool and Xtremely bold scent will capture the interest whilst the warm undertones of musk will keep the prey close.

Oriental Harmony - Harmonise your surroundings with an Asian fusion from Eastern fields.  The Xtremely calm and recognisable notes of basil and jasmine will relax the senses and sweeten your disposition. 

Latin Passion - A fiesta for your senses, a crisp scent to awaken the spirit in you.  The Xtremely fresh crush of this juicy fragrance will transport you back to those lazy days of summer, indulging in the freshest ingredients, whilst enjoying the view of dusk from the veranda.

All 4 fragrances have been carefully chosen from around the world, to capture the very essence of the Vectair ‘global’ appeal. The 4 unique and ‘Xtreme’ fragrances have African, Asian, American and European influences at the very core of the scent.

Each of the 4 ‘Xtreme’ fragrances possess their own deluxe, sophisticated and distinctive scent and are fully compliant with aerosol legislation for Europe and beyond.

Coverage: Effective in room sizes up to 200m³

Capacity: 3000 metered sprays per fragrance refill.

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