Sanitex Soap Dispenser

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Our Sanitex® soap dispensing system is a unique and patented design. The product uses patented ‘sealed until installed’ pouch refill technology to ensure that servicing is quick, simple, and that the soap stays hygienic at all times.

Handwashing is the easiest and single most effective way to halt the spread of bacteria and germs that can lead to avoidable illnesses. That’s why Hygiene Systems is proud to offer a range of soap dispensers and soap products to suit a wide variety of requirements.

The SanitexTM soap dispensing system has a unique weld spout feature that reseals each pouch ensuring servicing is quick, simple and contamination free. The ‘push to dispense’ SanitexTM system can accept a choice of innovative liquid, spray or foam pumps which provide flexibility for a choice of users’ preferred soap option, without the necessity to change the entire dispenser. This feature allows costs to be fixed, and reduces stock holding.

SanitexTM refills are available in high quality, pleasantly fragranced, luxurious liquid or foam soap formats. Dermatalogically tested with a pH of 5.5, these refills are suitable for frequent use and sensitive skin. The 800ml disposable refill pouch comes in a number of varieties to suit all handcare requirements.

Liquid Soap Refill: Complete with an adjustable 1-2 ml pump assembly with the ability to pump up to 800 shots. Only one dose is required per hand wash. Product is white in colour.

Foam Soap Refill: Fixed 0.6ml shot size, providing approximately 1400 shots per refill. Only one dose is required per hand wash. Product is white in colour.

Antibacterial Liquid Gel Hand Sanitiser Refill: Instant hand sanitiser allowing hand sanitization without the need to rinse hands after use. Alcohol content is 70%, as per World Health Organisation standards. Provides approximately 800 shots per refill. Only one dose is required per hand wash. Liquid is clear.

Antibacterial Foam Soap Refill: Fixed 0.6ml shot size, providing approximately 1400 shots per refill. Only one dose is required per hand wash. Product is red but dispenses as a white foam.