Suresweep 900 - 900mm Sweeping Path Battery Operated Sweeper

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Twin Roller System [TRS] ensuring highly efficient collection of materials. All brushes are made of long lasting polyamid. This is very durable & will also revert back to its straight position if bent or stressed whilst being stored.

High performance suction system for reduced dust discharge into your working environment. Smooth-running, making it great for use on carpets. Chain driven, ensuring no belt slippage, and minimal maintenance. Can get into very tight areas – less broom sweeping required. Charger onboard, this means sweeper can be charged anywhere from a standard powerpoint. Main structure is made of impact-resistant polyethylene for extending life. Access to the working parts is extremely easy making maintenance a breeze. Very maneuverable and silent making this sweeper exceptionally user-friendly.

Technical Data:

Sweeping Path: 900m
Capacity: 50L
Power Source: Battery 12v
Weight: 46kg
Gradient: n/a
Dimensions: 1091(l)x760(w)x416(h)
Decibels: 62