80cm Suresweep PUSH sweeper with TRS brush system

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Twin Roller System [TRS] ensuring highly efficient collection of materials. It is entirely manually operated with no electronics to reduce cost of ownership.

It has main and side brooms made of wear-resistant polyamide and is easily serviceable. Main structure is made of impact-resistant polyethylene for long lasting quality and durability. It has quick-folding mechanism of the push-handle. Large dust container means improved working efficiency. It is designed to be light, fast and manoeuvrable, the S800 picks up metal shavings, nails, paper, leaves or beverage tins. Corners and edges are no problem, and since the sweeping and lateral brushes can be adjusted in height the S800 can be set for various terrains. When it is pulled backwards, the sweeping rollers and lateral brushes are raised, and after having finished using it the S800 can be stored in very tiny places!


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Technical Data:

Sweeping Path: 800m
Capacity: 40L
Power Source: Manual
Weight: 14kg
Gradient: n/a
Dimensions: 800(l)x660(w)x330(h)
Decibels: n/a

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