Truvox Orbis Motor Scrubber 20

  • Description

Truvox Orbis motor scrubber is created for retail, healthcare, leisure and education environments, the Orbis MotorScrubber 20 is designed to be portable and versatile. It has a telescopic handle and is for cleaning confined spaces in food service areas, toilets, stairwells, storerooms, behind and beneath counters and beds.

It comes with a full starter kit including a telescopic handle, battery and harness, 110cm coiled battery cable, aggressive strength scrubbing brush and drive board, plus scrubbing, spray cleaning, dry buffing and microfibre multipurpose floor pads. It has a lightweight 12 volt battery backpack, is cordless, provides a four-hour runtime, a 20cm cleaning width, 75cm handle to give a long reach.