cimex38cm- carpet encapsulation

Cimex CR38 Carpet Encapsulation

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The Premier Carpet Encapsulation Machine which has unique triple brush system. Cimex Cyclone scrubs better than any standard floor machine. It features auto reverse to keep the brush working like new, no side torque making it easy for anyone to use.

No noise, no “bloom” rings or halo effects, one pass cleaning, works on hard to clean grout lines and textured tile/stone. This is perfect for “trashed” or greasy carpets, 19” cleaning path, 400 rpm, 1 1/2 hp, tank included, & 50 ft power cord. It has deep cleaning Planetary action,cleans all sides of the fiber in a single pass. It is capable of cleaning 200 - 300sq.mtrs. of commercial carpet per hour. Floating brushes provide effective cleaning action. Triple brush action prevents cable snagging. Solution delivered through brush centers to reduce splashing. Non-clog solution valve for uninterrupted operation.


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