66cm- Columbus traction control battery scrubber Dryer-70L Tank

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With a capacity of 70 litres, this ride-on scrubber can perform efficient operations, even – and especially – in hospitals, supermarkets and other small buildings even with cramped and heavily-furnished areas.

An extremely small turning circle of just 1.65 m. HACCP hygiene standards. Robust mechanics instead of electronics. It has powerful traction motor and rear wheel drive allow scrubbing on inclines of up to 12%. It is fast, easy and hygienic changing of brushes and pad holders. Fresh water can be filled up in an instant – with integrated, industry-standard system connector or the large filling opening.

(ACARA66BM70 iL) Columbus compact ride on battery scrubber Dryer, 66 cm, 70/70 L solution tanks, 63 dB with on-board charger - machine only including standard squeegee blades (excluding batteries).


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