Columbus 35cm Walk Behind Electric Scrubber Dryer

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Columbus walk behind electric scrubber drier, 35 cm clean path, 10/11 L solution tanks, 66 dB with 12 meter power cable - machine only including standard squeegee blades - complete machine.


The low cost scrubber dryer ideal for use in small areas and heavily congested spaces. Thorough cleaning up to the edge: consistently. High brush pressure in combination with a swivel-mounted squeegee, which is located directly behind the brush. It has large wheels for excellent manoeuvrability and easy transport up and down stairs. The ultra compact design for cleaning around obstacles. It is hygienic according to HACCP standards: the removable recovery tank can be cleaned and disinfected easily; the cover gasket replaced in no time. Excess fresh water can be drained completely. Its operating handle can be folded flat across the scrubber dryer for easy transport in small vehicles and storage in tight spaces. Easy clean out of recovery tank through outlet valve into floor drain. Or, easy and functional: by simply removing the tank and tipping the dirty water into any sink. Mains operated version for continuous working time.


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