Gerni Classic 100.3/115.3/115.3PC/120.2PC/120.2PD Spares and Accessories

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Here are optional accessories and detergents for Gerni Classic 100.3/115.3/115.3PC/120.2PC/120.2PD high pressure cleaners.


Gerni Patio Cleaner Plus (GU128500384) - When cleaning patios, pavers, concrete, timber decks, fences, walls or any large flat ares, the light weight Gerni Patio Plus cleaner is ideal. The patio plus caters for different surfaces with simple settings. A setting for hard surfaces such as concrete, and another setting for softer surfaces such as timber.

No splash back or overspray. Cleans up to 10 times faster than a standard nozzle. Hard or soft surface settings for concrete and timber.  For horizontal and vertical surfaces    275mm cleaning diameter.

Gerni Classic Patio Cleaner (GU128500383). The Gerni high-pressure attachment is built tough to tackle to hardest of jobs around the home.

Designed to eliminate splash back, the high pressure attachment cleans up to 4 times faster than a standard nozzle, and includes both hard and soft settings for use on concrete and timber.

The Gerni's innovative design makes it suitable for horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. It cleans up to 4 times faster than a standard nozzle. No splash back. For horizontal and vertical surfaces (patios, pavers, fences and walls).

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Gerni Drain and tube Cleaner 15m ( GU128500388) - Long drain and tube cleaner. 15m length; Ideal for unblocking pipes and drains. Also used to unblock downpipes; Bayonet coupling

Gerni Click & Clean Underchassis Nozzle (GU128500386) - With the angled underchassis nozzle you can clean inaccessible areas easily and efficiently. Ideal for undercarriages of vehicles, engine bays, mudguards.

Gerni Click & Clean Car Nozzle (GU128500387) - The Gerni Auto Nozzle gently cleans painted surfaces with 60 degree fan jet. Ideal solution for motorcycles and bicycles.

Gerni Rotary Brush (GU128500380) - Rotary Brush rotates while cleaning and is gentle on painted surfaces. Oscillating head to get into hard to reach areas.  Gentle brush on Painted Surface. 250mm handle for long reach.