Actichem Sanpro Anti-bacterial Blue Hand Soap

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Actichem's Sanpro Blue Hand Soap is a liquid anti-bacterial soap containing gentle cleansing agents, skin emollients and a pleasant fragrance.

It is suitable for men and women. It is ideally suited for use in food preparation areas, healthcare facilities, veterinary surgeries,  day care centres and medical institutions. It is suited for use through all types of liquid soap dispensers. it is pH balanced, non-irritant and contains coconut emollients and skin conditioners. It contains 3g/Lt Irgasan DP300 (Triclosan) as an effective anti-bacteria agent. Available in 5L.

Sanitizing Action – Sanpro incorporates Triclosan (Irgasan) for effective skin sanitization.
Mild formula – Contains gentle touch cleansers with non-irritant, coconut derived skin conditioners and moisturizers. Does not contain SLS nor Phenols.
Food Safe – Sanpro is safe for use in food preparation area
pH balanced – The pH level is carefully adjusted to match that of your skin.

How to Use:

1. Bulk fill dispensers should be regularly cleaned with hot water.
2. Follow dispenser instructions for re-filling with Sanpro.
3. Dispense 5 ml of Sanpro onto moistened hands.
4. Work up into a rich lather. Clean in between fingers and use a nailbrush to clean fingernails.
5. Rinse hands with potable water and dry on new paper towel.


5L, 15L, 25L