Actichem Preseal Pro Water-based Penetrating Sealer

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Actichem Preseal Pro Penetrating Sealer is a premium preseal for porous tiles, marble and natural stone. Protection against water ingress during stone and tile laying and construction. Available in 500ml, 5 and 15 litres.

Features and Benefits:

Natural Look – will not discolour or alter the natural look of recommended substrates.
Easy application – Preseal penetrates quickly and the residues are easy to remove.
Vapour permeable – won’t trap moisture. Does not hinder the natural passage of water vapour.
Protects and adds value to your product.
Retains Newness – Formula specifically designed to provide premium protection during fabrication, transport and installation.

Suggested Applications:

Formulated to provide premium protection to fine stone and construction masonry products during fabrication, transportation and installation.

Marble, Limestone, Travertine
Sandstone & Bluestone
Cement & Clay pavers
Terracotta, Saltillo, Quarry

Ideal for all stone types and stone products.