Actichem Oxyboost Oxygen Powered Destainer and Booster

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Actichem's AP445 OxyBoost is a powerful oxygenated compound which is potentiated to ensure delivery of maximum oxygen activity whether you are removing stains or boosting cleaning solutions.

Oxyboost is more than just the typical perborate powder but is boosted by a combination of two potentiators including TAED power which provided dramatically enhanced oxygen action, powerful sanitisation and enable oxygen release at lower temperatures.
Available in 1 and 4.5 kilograms.

The addition of Oxy Boost to your cleaning solution significantly enhances the cleaning results as it's oxidising and destaining power removes many soils which would have been left behind. It will enhance and brighten the colours of fabrics and carpets and overcomes dullness and greying. It will provides powerful stain removal action especially on tannin and colour stains such a fanta, cordial, grass stains, blood and many other organic stains. It is safe for use on all synthetic and most delicate fibres and fabrics including coloured fabrics.