Actichem Deosan Powerful Anti-microbial Odour Eliminator

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Anti-microbial odour neutralizer. Actichem Deosan is a unique chemistry, providing the contractor with a powerful anti-microbial spray for flood work, urine, feces, sewerage, pets, flooding etc.

The core mal-odour eliminating activity in Deosan is derived from a synergistic combination of powerful biocides and professional odour - neutralizing chemistry. This provides the operator with a highly effective two-pronged attack where the odour causing bacteria and spores are quickly destroyed whilst the air-borne mal-odours are absorbed and neutralised. Deosan’s powerful biocidal activity is also ideal for destroying mould and mildew spores. Also ideal for use on hard surfaces including concrete, plasterboard, wood, tiles and grout.
Available in 5 and 20 litres.