X Power X-41ATR Axial Air Remover

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X Power X-41ATR Axial Air Remover brings you an axial fan never seen before, through state-of-the-art research and design; Xpower have brought a revolutionary series of fans to the industry that provides long-life operation, maintenance-free performance, high levels of efficiency, compact design and extremely low noise.

Completely speed controllable, a first in the industry. Also offers a high quality dual outlet for Daisy-Chaining and a 3 hour timer for ease of use in professional applications. It is the perfect tool for creating large streams of air for drying or ventilation. It creates a maximum airflow capacity of up to 3600 CFM while only drawing a low 2.4 amps of power.

What makes our axial air mover better than others?  X-POWER X-41ATR is the only Axial Fan that features a variable speed control switch that fully controls the wind speed to cover more surface area than the other normal axial fans in the market today.  We also developed Air Fin Guide technology, which makes the air more focused allowing it to blow further and remain powerful over longer distances.  It also has an on board power outlet which allows you to hook up multiple machines together without the use of an extension cord. 


External Rotor Motor
The external movement of the rotor cools down the motor more efficiently, providing safer operation and longer life for the machine. This ultra-unique design also provides excellent power, compact size and extremely low noise compared to traditional induction motors.

Variable Speed Control Switch
An industry first, our completely variable speed control allows you to adjust the fan speed exactly to your liking. This is extremely useful in ventilation applications where precise volume guidelines need to be met.

Daisy Chain Feature
2 Built-In Outlets for Additional Machines

3-Hour Timer
Extremely convenient in busy contractor projects for the professional or a busy afternoon for the handyman, 3 hour timer allows you to setup multiple fans without having to comeback to turn them off.

Specially Designed Air Fin Guide
For focused and extended airflow range, maximizing airflow volume and velocity.

360° Rotational Rack Stand Included
Full Rotation of the axial fan to fit the need of any project from drying flooded floors, painted walls and damp damaged ceilings.

Super Lightweight
24.2 Lbs. Unit Weight / Durable ABS Housing

Compact Design w/Stackability
Stackable Up To 5 Units Unit Size – 2.79 CBF Only (L-21.9” x W-9.8” x H-22.5”).

Rack/Stand Included
Includes 12" rack/stand allowing 360° angle rotation. Optional racks available: 16" tall and 21" tall.