Built-in Bin 15 Litre De Luxe

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Are you trying to hide your waste bin in a cupboard? Our handy 15 litre built-in waste bin stays concealed inside your cupboard, until you open the door.

It's lid opens automatically by itself and the extra large opening gives you more enough space to empty a dustpan without spilling. It is designed with ease of use. It is easy to fit in virtually any kitchen cupboard. Easy operation and disposal - lid opens and closes automatically when opening/closing the cupboard door. Its waste bucket fully accessible - bin comes out of the cupboard when opening the cupboard door and has a large opening. It is very easy to empty and to clean - separate, removable plastic inner bucket with grips. Corrosion resistant - robust construction - high quality materials. It is ideal for doors opening to the left and right.
Space efficient - compact design (min. built-in space 302 x 369 x 475 mm).

Available colours are brilliant steel, and white.

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