Septone Caresse Premium Fabric Softener 5L

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Caresse from Septone is a high quality fabric softener which makes clothes feel and smell fresh and new.

It is non yellowing and does not build up over time, ensuring that clothes do not end up feeling greasy and that towels do not lose their absorbency. Regular treatment of clothes using this fabric softener in the rinse cycle maintains the drape of the fabrics, with a reduction in the level of wrinkling and consequentially easier and faster ironing. Caresse also has built in a fluorescent whiteners to ensure that whites look even whiter and colours look even truer.
To a normal 5 kg washload, add 100 mL of Caresse to the final rinse water whilst the washing machine is filling for the final rinse. Do not pour Caresse directly onto clothes and do not mix Caresse with detergents.