Super Swish Pro Anti Bac

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Sabco Super Swish Pro Anti Bac is designed for mopping and dust control to effectively sanitize the largest possible space area.

It has anodised aluminium handle with antibacterial grip (no thread). It matches antibacterial flat mop base. Its dimension is 23cm x 145cm.

Cotton, viscose, polypropylene and microfibre combined with double twist manufacturing for long-lasting quality. A reservoir in the centre of the fibre slowly releases enough of the agent to create a barrier against fungi, bacteria and moulds. It has an anti-bacterial agent effective for as much as 500 washes (no tumble drying), and will not decrease with use.
Dimension 40cm x 11cm

Features 360° rotation to reach any surface. Impact & chemical resistant antibacterial polypropylene frame.
NO TOUCH mop pedal lock and unlock system
Head dimension 40cm x 11cm