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DuraClean Wipes from Oates. Heavy duty strength and reusable. These are ready to use wipes. Highly absorbent and quick drying.  

Colour coded series available to help avoid the risk of cross contamination. Color available are blue, green, red and yellow. 20 sheets per pack. Each wipe is 60 x 45cm.

Recommendations: OAHW-040-B (blue) is ideal for general cleaning, OAHW-040-G (Green) for kitchen areas, OAHW-040-R (red) for bathroom areas, and OAHW-040-Y (Yellow) for infectious areas.

Recommended Usage: Rinse wipe thoroughly before first use. Ideal for wet or dry cleaning and with or without chemical solutions. Only wash wipe once it appears heavily soiled. 

Important: Do not use fabric softener. Do not use chlorine bleach solutions. Do not spin dry, dry clean or tumble dry.