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Fast acting neutraliser for stone ceramic and resilient floors
Removes problem alkalinity, and used to remove efflorescence and light rust marks. It

Available in 5L and 15L.
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Floor surface neutraliser for removing alkaline residues from hard floor.  Also used to neutralise grills.
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A neutral multi-purpose cleaner concentrate formulated for everyday cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces.
This product does not dull floor finishes, and does not require rinsing to deliver labor savings. It has an orange color with a citrus scent.
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Neutral all-purpose cleaner for everyday floor cleaning and light duty spray and wipe cleaning. It has a pleasant citrus fragrance. Green seel compliant.
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Neutral floor and multi purpose cleaner.

This product meets the green seal environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content, with acute toxicity met at the as used dilution.

It can be used as daily floor cleaner and general cleaner. You can use as spray and wipe application or in mop and bucket. Use in autoscrubber.


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Stride is a non-alkaline formulation for daily use on floors, walls and other washable surfaces.

It is a neutral cleaner with a pleasant citrus scent, specially formulated to provide a full range cleaning power to remove soil, while maintaining neutral pH.

It has a neutral pH so it cleans without damage to the floor's protective coating. It dries film free and does not require rinsing.