Tork Industrial Wipers



 Tork Carry Packs - Making work a little easier . Seeing cleaners struggle to carry and handle traditional cardboard cartons of hand towels made us realise how we could make their work life a little easier. We have repackaged our most popular Tork Advanced and Universal Slimline (H2) and Tork Advanced Ultraslim (H4) hand towels into new Tork Carry Packs™

New naming-

With our new simpler product names, selecting the right Tork products will be much easier for you.Changes you'll easily recognise -

After conducting research across the world, we found that the product names in our Tork Professional Hygiene range needed to be simpler and more intuitive. So, we’ve improved them.

New packaging
We found customers want packaging that is clear and informative so that selecting and recognising the right product is easier. Therefore we’ve improved our packaging in three ways:

  • Strong, clear, simple graphics
  • Illustrations that identify products clearly
  • Icons that highlight customer benefits
  • As a result of the simpler names and clearer packaging, Tork products will be easier to buy, sell and understand. Choosing the right product will be much easier.