Kimberly Clark®

The Wypall® wiper product range has all your options covered. Whether you need a low-lint, long-lasting wiper for heavy duty tasks or a single-use, cost-effective solution the Wypall® range can deliver the performance you need, every time. A technically advanced centrefeed wiping system that dramatically cuts wiping consumption by up to 30% versus traditional centrefeed .Single sheet dispensing controls use

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The Kimberly-Clark Touchless Centrefeed Wiper dispenser suitable for selected centrefeed wipers and hand towels, designed to promote hygiene, improve comfort and reduce costs. The centre feed design allows the user to take as much or as little wiper as needed, helping to reduce waste.

- Touchless wiper dispensing for increased hygiene, reduced contamination and spread of germs
- Lockable dispenser helps deter pilferage and waste
- Viewing window, to reduce maintenance time.
- Sleek design, free from dirt and dust traps improves workplace hygiene
- stylish smoke grey design features a high gloss and easy-clean finish.

For easy access, this can be wall mounted in kitchens, bathrooms and other washing up areas!