Kimberly Clark®

The Wypall® wiper product range has all your options covered. Whether you need a low-lint, long-lasting wiper for heavy duty tasks or a single-use, cost-effective solution the Wypall® range can deliver the performance you need, every time. A technically advanced centrefeed wiping system that dramatically cuts wiping consumption by up to 30% versus traditional centrefeed .Single sheet dispensing controls use


Kimberly Clark® Centrefeed Wiper Dispenser Smoke Grey

The Kimberly-Clark Touchless Centrefeed Wiper dispenser suitable for selected centrefeed wipers and hand towels, designed to promote hygiene, improve comfort and reduce costs. The centre feed design allows the user to take as much or as little wiper as needed, helping to reduce waste.

The 3 key performance benefits WYPALL® wipers deliver are: 

1. Product Performance

WYPALL® Wipers deliver superior product performance.

  • They are always a uniform quality and size.
  • Every wiper is 100% usable.
  • They offer versatile dispensing options to meet your work place needs.

2. Cost Performance

WYPALL® Wipers can deliver real cost savings because:

  • They are purpose manufactured for specific wiping needs, helping minimise lost time.
  • Their compact nature allows reduction in storage space and can reduce disposal costs.
  • Efficient dispensing systems such as Wypall L Roll Control can help reduce usage by up to 30% versus conventional centrefeed products.
  • They can help to streamline processes and provide insurance against production downtime because they offer:
    • Protection from process or product contamination.
    • Improved equipment maintenance because you can match the wiper to the task.
    • Reduction in potential worker incidents.

3. Safety Performance

WYPALL® Wipers can help you improve your safety performance by providing a safe and hygienic wiping system:

  • Wypall L Wipers can help reduce cross-contamination and bacteria growth because they offer a cost-effective single-use solution.
  • Wypall X Wipers are not only bulky and strong enough to protect worker’s hands, the hygienic product form and dispensing options can help to reduce the risk of worker incidents.