Chux Style Wipes

Chux Style Wipes

Now you can take care of your cleaning needs around the home with Chux style wipes.  Its advanced fibres lift and trap dirt & dust. They can be used wet or dry with or without cleaning products making them ideal for those little touch-ups between cleans.

We support colour coded cleaning program as when it is implemented, it reduces the risk of cross contamination between different areas, i.e rest room to kitchen. This program is ideal for facilities such as foodservice, healthcare, aged care, offices and accommodation; anywhere health and safety is important. SEE RANGES OF OUR CHUX WIPES IN ROLLS OR CUT PIECES BELOW. CLICK ON THE BUTTONS.

Why is Colour Coded Cleaning Great for your facility?

Easy to learn
Regardless of the level of diversity across staff within your facility, colour is universal and easy to learn and identify.

Is not an incremental expense
Your staff will already be using wipes across the areas of your facility, introducing a Colour Coding program will simply change behaviour to use different coloured wipes when in different zones.

Reputation is EVERYTHING!
The health and safety of your staff and customers is vitally important, as is the reputation of your facility.

35 cases of food poisoning at one facility in South Australia – 3rd January 2018
   “Somehow there’s been cross-contamination associated with probably
   less than adequate sanitization and cleaning” 
    - Public Health Director of SA Health, Kevin Bucket


Keep it simple
Try to have a different colour only when cross-contamination is a concern. Too many colours is confusing.

Roll it out all at once
It’s best to start the program all at once. Trying to incorporate the new system while retaining some of the old system will only confuse your staff.

Communicate clearly
Take shift managers or people managers through the process and flow it down to all employees. Provide a cheat sheet that explains colours and zones so

Use Signage
The best way to keep your new colour coded cleaning system front of mind with your team is to have it posted in high traffic areas. All CHUX rolls include a basic colour guide on the back of pack, these can be tailored to your individual site requirements.

Why Regulators & Auditors love Colour Coded Cleaning?

It’s considered best practice and viewed highly favorably as it adds an additional layer of protection against cross contamination.

Shows your regulator or auditor you are taking initiatives to prevent cross-contamination across your facility.

It essentially becomes a part of your facilities standard operating procedures.