Bags of Rags

Bag of Cotton T Shirt

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Used Cotton Multi coloured cut Pieces. Most commonly used for polishing

Bag of Terry Toweling - Coloured 15 kg

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Most commonly used for Workshop Use or general cleaning. Washed , and in very good condition.

Bag of Terry Toweling - White 10 kg

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Generally used in the tile flooring industry, or popular with carpet cleaners. This is very good quality. Mostly overlocked to avoid fraying when in use. Cleaned and neatly packaged.

Nabrag 5Kg White Rags 40 x60cm

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Mop up liquids with ease. Cloth size is 40x60cm. Unaffected by solvents.  There are 400+ wipes in a carton.

Edco Terry Towel | Nappy Cleaning Cloths White

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A cleaning towel or cloth from Edco that is made from a super absorbent cotton. It is ideal for cleaning babies at nappy change times.

It is a perfect alternative to disposable wipes since it's chemical free. It can also be used as workshop rag, and to clean dirt and spill ups. Cloth Size is 62 x 62cm

You can get 15% discount if you buy a Carton of 100!