Vacuum Bags

Provac- Stealth clothbag

Cloth bag to suit black provac backvac, stealth backpack

Cloth Re-usable Bag

Cloth re-usable bag to suit vaious clark, kleenmaid, sebo and windsor models

Cloth Bag/filter

Cloth filter to suit cleanstar and ghibli.

Cloth Polyester Filter Set for AS5

Bag Synthetic suit Aussievac and Astrovac All Models

Nonwoven suits most popular machines. Non woven ducted 2000, 3000, 4000, CV301, CV302 ducted machines,

Bag Non-woven, suit Bosch B552-58, 502

Bag Non-woven, suit Bosch B552-58, 502, Optima series, Optima 58, BBS 5000- 5213, BBS 5200- BBS 5813, Alpha 220-210, 2000, Ultima 10, BS50-BS63, BBS 10-11, BBS 20-29, BBS 50-58, BBS6, Series G BSG7, BSG4, Petpack, Sphera 21, BSGL 4423AU GL40 Range, Krups 915, 918, 919, 923, 927- 930, 935, 902-906, Shopvac VS50-52-58

Bag paper suits Silent Master SM1

Bag paper suits Silent Master SM1, Kerrick 290C, 270J, Elastic Top Bag, Modern Day ducted system 200, 300, 4000

Bag Paper suit Centrex CTV2070

Bag paper, suit Cleantech CT104

Bag paper Suit Cleantech CT104, Kerrick CT104 Backpack

Bag Cloth suit backpack

Bag Cloth suit Cleantech backpack, Kerrick Backpack

Bags Vacuum Paper QC23

Paper bag suits Dejon Mighty Midget

Bag Paper QC68 suit Dejon H.B. Tubby

Bag Paper QC68 suit Dejon H.B. Tubby

Bags Vacuum Paper QB15

Bag Paper suit Husqvarna Q200 series, Q250 series, Volta 208, 228, 229, 239, 255, 260 Series, 2000 Series, 2750, 2751, 2800

Bag Paper UNI 203

Bag Paper suit Industrial Strength Wet & Dry CWD16L

Cloth Bag suit Industrial Strength BP1 Backpack

Bag Cloth suit Industrial Strength BP1 Backpack, Ivac Backpack, Pullman JYBP Backpack

Vacuum Bags Orek Original Pack 5

Vacuum paper bag suits Orek XL2206, XL2606

Vacuum Bag paper UNI 47

Vacuum Bag paper UNI 47 Suit Sebo 350, 360

Bag paper, suit SC100, SI200

Bag Filter, suit Sauber Powerprof SCP-9000

Bag Synthetic Suit D4

Bags Vacuum Paper QC 24

QC24 Vacuum Bags 5-pack with plastic collar to fit Nilfisk and Tellus vacuum cleaners GM80. GM908 bag