Uses of Steam Cleaning

What are the most appropriate uses for Dry Steam Cleaning?
It is impossible to identify all of the uses that dry steam cleaners can be put to. The range is almost boundless and is really only limited by any limitations of the surface to be cleaned and the imagination of the user.
In the circumstances the following examples merely give a glimpse of the possibilities:


It has been proven that vapour steam machines are the best way to kill and control bed bugs.


Bed bugs are very sensitive to heat and are rapidly killed when exposed to temperatures over 45oC. If heat is used for bed bug control it is important that the high temperatures are applied suddenly; a gradual rise in temperature will cause the bed bugs to disperse, thereby potentially spreading an infestation. Thus using heaters to heat up a room to a lethal point for bed bugs is inappropriate.

The most practical method of exploiting heat is through the use of steam. The great advantage is that it will kill all bed bug stages including the eggs (most insecticides are non-ovicidal).

A study from the
United States (Meek 2003) has shown that using a combination of steam and insecticides provides better long term control than by using insecticides alone. As steam is composed only of heated water, some clients favour this treatment over chemicals, particularly for their mattress and bed. In fact at least one company in the United States
will only use steam for controlling bed bugs on mattresses due to fears of litigation in case a guest has an adverse reaction to the insecticides.

It is important to note that there any many different brands and types of steam machines on the market, however not all are appropriate; the unit must be able to produce steam of a low vapour flow and high temperature. Steam flow rate must be kept to a minimum to avoid blowing bed bugs about and to reduce wetting. Like any tool, steam machines are only as effective as the operator. To achieve anywhere near eradication, an intimate knowledge of the pest and its ecology are essential, inspections must be diligent and the treatment process must be meticulous. The instructions of the steam machine must be read thoroughly noting all safety instructions prior to use. As all steam machines take time to reach operating temperatures, this can be done while the inspection is in progress.
As the steam machines are operated with a low vapour flow rate it is necessary to place the nozzle directly onto the surface being treated; the temperature drops away rapidly from the nozzle and a separation of only a few centimeters will not be lethal to the bugs. The nozzle should be moved along at a rate of only 30cm per every 10-15 seconds.

The steam treatment should start with the mattress and be applied to the seams, under labels and handles, and both inside and out of an ensemble base. It will be necessary to remove the material base of the ensemble which should be kept, and if required, re-stapled after the infestation has been eradicated.
Cushions of chairs and sofas should be treated next, paying particular attention to seams and buttons. Always check if the sofa is a sofa bed, and if so, treat the mattress as above. Carpet edges can also be treated with steam, along with the straight edge both above and below.
It is often promulgated that bed bugs can be killed via heat by placing infested materials into black plastic bags and then into the sun. However, this has never been fully scientifically investigated and is probably not effective with large items, which have a high thermal inertia. Thus this method is not recommended.


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Schools and Daycare
Create a healthier indoor environment
Steam cleaning will help you maintain a clean and sanitary environment that helps stop the spread of contagious diseases so common in school and daycare settings. Everyday tasks are easier and faster with dry steam cleaning.

The most common use for steam in schools and Universities is definately CHEWING GUM REMOVAL. Steam in conjuntion with Steam AUstralia's specially formulated detergent, will remove gum from any surface in seconds. 

* Clean and sanitise fixtures, porcelain, sinks, counters and floors in one easy step.
* Tile and grout lines are easily cleaned and odours removed.
* Kills bacteria, mildew and viruses on contact.
* Reduce the use of chemicals with an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.Sports Equipment and Exercise Areas:
* Clean and sanitise equipment quickly and easily.
* Reaches cracks and crevices in exercise equipment other methods cannot reach.
* Remove bacteria and odours.
* Clean tile, grout and wood in pool and spa areas.Child Care:
* Clean and sanitise toys, table tops, chairs and desks.
* Easily remove glues, food and drink spills and stains.
* Clean, sanitise and deodorise carpets, mats, rugs and changing stations.
* Removes common dust and dirt, fingerprints and stains from walls, woodwork, cabinets and floors without using potentially dangerous chemicals.General

* Clean and freshen upholstery, blinds and curtains.
* Easily cleans and sanitises food service and preparation areas.
* Provides a healthier indoor environment by removing bacteria, moulds and mildew and chemical contaminants. Leaves areas sparkling clean and fresh smelling.
* Glass, mirrors and windows are left spotlessly clean with no streaks, smears or chemical residue to attract dust and dirt.Save time, money and effort while easily maintaining the standards of cleanliness you demand. Chemical-free dry steam cleaning systems help with all your routine (and not so routine) cleaning quickly and easily. There are many more potential uses for steam cleaning…. just use your imagination.

Steam cleaning is a valuable asset in any food service setting.
Restaurants are particularly vulnerable to spills, stains, and grease. Steam cleaning can help you maintain a cleaner more sanitary working environment. You will find many uses in the kitchen, serving areas, dining rooms, restrooms and lobbies … in fact throughout your premises.

Dining Rooms:
* Clean table tops, chairs, upholstery and curtains quickly and easily.
* Customers will notice the fresh, clean environment.
* Spot clean carpets, rugs, floors, and furniture. Remove such difficult blemishes as chewing gum and candle wax.
* Carpets, wooden flooring, linoleum and tile floors all come spotlessly clean with no more effort than it takes to use a vacuum cleaner.
* Restores shine, removes wax build up and lets the natural colour of the flooring come through.Kitchens:
* Reduce opportunities for contamination in food preparation areas by cleaning and sanitising in one easy step without the use of chemicals.
* Polish and clean stainless steel counters, walls and appliances without expensive chemical polishing agents.
* Dissolve grease on ovens, stove tops and burners with ease.
* Removes baked and burnt on grease from cooking areas, pots, pans and other problem areas.
* Spend less time and less effort cleaning hoods, vents, ceilings and walls.
* Refrigerators, freezers and coolers are deep cleaned and sanitised in one easy process.
* Drive dirt and germs from hard to reach areas such as gaskets, cracks and crevices and around fixtures.These are just a few of the many ways in which dry steam cleaning can help to ensure that the restaurant environment remains hygienically clean.


Veterinary Practices

Clinics have never been cleaner!

Steam cleaning can help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses common in the veterinary setting. Cleanliness and sanitation are extremely important in any clinic. Dry steam cleaning will help you and your staff maintain the high standards you demand with less effort and better results and without the use of harsh or irritating chemicals.

Just look at a few of the many benefits of dry steam cleaning: -
* Clean and sanitise operating tables, examining tables and other surfaces quickly and completely.
* Helps ensure disease control by killing bacteria left behind by contaminated animals.
* Kennels are cleaned, sanitised and deodorised.
* Kill bacteria in areas other cleaning methods cannot reach.
* Stainless steel tables, counters, fixtures and stools are clean, polished and sanitised.
* Floors, tile and grout, rugs and carpets are all cleaned effectively and thoroughly quicker than with other cleaning methods.
* Restroom fixtures, floors and counters are spotless.
* Mirrors and glass sparkle.
* No chemical residues are left behind to attract dirt and dust.
* Remove pet stains and odours.
* Upholstery and fabrics are clean and fresh.
* Blinds and curtains can be left in place while cleaned.The possibilities are limitless! Steam cleaning can save you time, money and effort with better results than before.

Automotive Industry

The perfect cleaning solution

Steam cleaning will allow you to valet a car in half the time with visibly superior results. Not only will your time spent valetting cars be cut in half, but also your spending on chemical cleaners will be greatly reduced. Steam cleaning leaves surfaces virtually dry as soon as the cleaning is completed. Upholstery and floor mats are dry within minutes. Not only is the cleaning faster, but the car is deodorised as well.

* Deep clean and freshen fabrics quickly and easily.
* Easily clean vinyl, fabric and leather.
* Textured surfaces are no problem. The dry steam drives dirt from even the smallest and deepest crevices.
* Makes easy work of removing lipstick, food spills and deep stains.
* Eliminates odours from pet stains, smoking, moulds and mildews.
* Hard to reach areas like dashboards, vents, ashtrays, cup holders, armrests etc. are done in a matter of minutes with less effort on your part.
* Cleans glass crystal clear with no streaks or smears.Exteriors:
* Remove stickers and lettering from windscreens, windows and mirrors.
* Clean windows without streaking.
* Spot clean engines.
* Remove wax, tar and other compounds from chrome, mouldings and bumpers.
* Vinyl tops, wheels, whitewalls are all cleaned easily, quickly and completely.And as a bonus you can clean your office and customer areas better than ever before. Your steam cleaner will work wonders on carpets, furniture, windows, customer service areas, restrooms and much more!

Ideal for the Hospitality Industry

Dry steam cleaning will save you time and money and has a wide variety of applications in the hotel, pub and guesthouse industries. Cleaning chores such as lobby or pool grout, that used to be a major undertaking, are now easier and faster than before. Steam cleaning will save you time, labour costs, and can easily cut expenditure on chemical cleaners in half.

Guest Rooms:
* Clean and sanitise mattresses, furniture, curtains and carpets.
* Kill dust mites and remove allergens for a healthier indoor environment.
* Deodorises as it cleans for fresher, cleaner smelling rooms.
* Removes spots and stains from bedding, carpets and upholstery.
* Quickly and easily dust and clean furniture, table tops and counters to make rooms sparkle!
* Remove nicotine and tar residue from walls and ceilings.Restrooms and Bathrooms:
* Clean, deodorise and sanitise in one simple step.
* Polishes fixtures while removing the build-up of scale from around taps and handles.
* Clean tile, grout and shower doors with ease.
* Easily reaches cracks and crevices other cleaning methods cannot reach.
* Clean and restore bathtub bottoms and shower floors so that their colour shines through.Food Preparation Areas:
* Easily clean counters, serving lines, waitress stations without chemicals.
* Remove grease from cooking surfaces, oven doors and grill hoods.
* Sanitise food preparation areas form added protection against contamination due to bacteria and viruses.
* Clean tile and grout in kitchen areas.
* Polish stainless steel surfaces without expensive chemicals.
* Remove baked on grease from pots and pans.Windows and Mirrors:
* Quickly clean windows and mirrors without smears or streaking.
* Windows and mirrors stay cleaner longer because there is no chemical residue to attract dirt and dust.
* Clean blinds, drapes and curtains in situ.Other Uses:
* Clean and polish elevators inside and out.
* Quickly clean linoleum, tile and natural floors as easily as using a vacuum cleaner and with no chemicals to degrade the surface.
* Remove moulds and mildews from walls, wooden decking, and pool and spa areas. The heat kills the mould and mildew spores so it won’t return quickly.
* Valet guest rooms, lobbies and other public areas in half the time.
* Remove such difficult blemishes as chewing gum and candle wax easily and quickly.
* Save time, save money and save on labour costs!Top
Steam cleaners are in use in all the major supermarket chains in the UK
Supermarkets have a wide variety of cleaning chores well suited to dry steam cleaning. High customer traffic brings the need for regular and complete cleaning of a wide variety of areas and surfaces. Previously difficult to clean areas are more easily and more completely cleaned, and sanitised at the same time.

Store Maintenance:

* Easily deep clean and sanitise tile and grout, floors, mats, rugs and carpets.
* Clean mirrors, windows and glass without chemicals – no streaks or smears.
* Fixtures, doors, counters and display cases are completely cleaned, even the hardest to reach cracks, crevices and textured surfaces.
* Quickly and easily clean tables, furniture, microwaves, refrigerators and rugs in staff rest areas.
* Checkout counters and conveyor belts can be completely cleaned of chemical and bacterial contaminants.
* Create the most sanitary and healthy environment possible for your customers.Department Benefits:
* Dairy – clean and sanitise display cases, refrigerators, shelves, fans and condensers. Spills can be cleaned quickly with no mess or contamination left behind.
* Bakery – ovens, baking trays and racks, floors, hoods, display cases and preparation areas are all deep cleaned and sanitised in one simple process.
* Butcher Shop and Meats – cutting tables, cutting boards, sinks and display cases are all left sparkling clean and free of bacterial, viral and chemical contamination.
* Deli and Produce – displays, floors, walls, food preparation areas, refrigerators, freezers, counters and food service areas are all cleaned, sanitised and deodorised in a matter of minutes.Save time, labour costs and money, and with better results than before. Clean with water, not chemicals, for a cleaner environment for you, your staff and your customers. Steam cleaning can do it all!

Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Steam cleaning makes quick work of once tedious cleaning tasks!
Hospital and Nursing Home administrators love steam-cleaning systems. Keeping patient and visitor areas clean, sanitary and odour free has never been easier. Steam effectively cleans areas that other methods cannot, and without the use of toxic, noxious or irritating chemicals.

Patient Rooms:
* Bed rails, service trays and tabletops are cleaner and more sanitary than ever.
* Clean and freshen upholstery.
* Spot clean and sanitise chairs, fabrics, rugs and carpets of all accidental stains and spillages.
* Clean drapes and curtains in situ.
* Floors and carpets are deep cleaned and sanitised in one easy process.
* Makes easy work of valetting wheelchairs and other patient equipment.
* Kill dust mites in patient bedding while cleaning and deodorising.
* Trolleys, food trays and service areas are easily cleaned and sanitised without using chemicals.
* Linoleum, vinyl and tile floors are all left spotlessly clean.
* Bathroom fixtures, tile and grout, sinks and porcelain are left sparkling clean, sanitary and free of odours.Food Service and Preparation Areas:
* Polish, clean and sanitise all without the use of chemicals.
* Clean and polish stainless steel, refrigerators and freezers.
* Ovens – stop baking noxious chemicals into the food. Remove baked on grease and food quickly and easily using only dry steam.
* Door gaskets are easily cleaned.
* Dirt and residues are forced out of even the deepest cracks and crevices.General Maintenance:
* Kill and remove moulds and mildews, and their odours.
* Clean air vents, walls and ceilings.
* Remove wax build-up from floors.
* Clean and deodorise carpets, waiting room furniture and reception areas.Steam cleaning makes easy work of once difficult and time consuming tasks, saving time, money and effort.

Contract Cleaners
You will appreciate the time, effort and money savings benefits of dry steam cleaning.

Just look at some of the many uses to which you could put your steam cleaner:
* Dry steam cleaning reaches into the tiniest cracks and crevices and drives dirt and germs from areas other cleaning methods cannot reach.
* Removes baked on grease from stoves, ovens, range hoods and fryers.
* Kill and remove mould, mildew, fungus and bacteria and the odours that they cause.
* Restroom fixtures, counters and sinks have never been cleaner. Cleans and sanitises in one easy step for a healthier environment.
* Tiles and grouting, showers, bathtubs and floors are spotless. Removes soap scum, hard water scale and stains better than other methods in less time, with less effort and no noxious chemicals.
* Clean blinds, curtains and draperies in place.
* Clean wax build-up from floors.
* Carpets are deep cleaned, sanitised and deodorised. Improves the look of carpets and rugs by raising the nap and removing stains.
* Remove dust, dirt and grease from walls and ceilings with ease.
* Floors of all types are cleaned as easily as using a vacuum cleaner, build-up is removed and looks restored.
* Polishes stainless steel surfaces of all kinds, chrome fixtures, cabinet hardware and handles while cleaning and sanitising.
* Refrigerators, coolers and freezers can be easily de-frosted, cleaned and sanitised. Even hard to clean gaskets and textured surfaces. Dirt and stains simply melt away.
* Ovens, stove tops and fryers are left grease free, sanitised and sparkling.
* Office furniture, filing cabinets, desk tops and more are quickly and easily dusted and cleaned in one easy step with no chemicals and much less effort on you part.
* Your customers will notice the visibly superior results of dry steam cleaning.Dry steam cleaning can gain you customers who want to avoid the use of chemicals whenever possible. You will quickly find more uses for steam cleaning…. just use your imagination!