Base Sealers

Choosing whether to preseal:

  • Vinyl Tiles: These are porous after stripping. Sealing with Bedrock is recommended.
  • Sheet Vinyl, Tarkett, Floating Timber Floors, Linoleum and Urethane Vinyl Composites.These don’t require a sealer first.
  • Textured, Profiled ,Composite or Smooth Rubber-Non porous nature eliminates the need to preseal. Just use FILMSTAR without presealer.
  • Linoleum: Sensitivity to alkaline strippers precludes the use of any sealer due to the removability problems and damage strong strippers can cause to Linoleum. Just use FILMSTAR.
  • Terrazzo, Architectural Terrazzite and Marble: Always use a pre sealer so as to provide the best adhesion and wear resistance. BEDROCK for ultra white, clear appearance and easier removability. BLOCKADE for the ultimate adhesion penetration for wear, stain and spill resistance on stone or porous ceramic floors.

Peerless Aquaseal Semi Permanent Resilient Floor Seal

Aquaseal Semi Permanent Resilient Floor Seal is a high fill sealer for resilient flooring and is intended as a base seal for all subsequent Peerless Finishes. A full program of finishes to protect and enhance wood, cork and parquetry.