Wagtail Cleaning Tools

Wagtail Cleaning Tools

Wagtail Cleaning tools manufacture award winning cleaning equipment for cleaning professionals. squeegees, combination squeegees, mops, applicators. Our squeegees and mops feature a unique continuous pivoting action. With a Wagtail you will experience....

- Faster, easier cleaning
- Reduced wrist, elbow & shoulder strain
- Fast & accurate cleaning on a pole
- Increased reach

The Wagtail 'Combi' was shortlisted for the Australian Design Awards in 2001

The Wagtail 'Combi' won the Best Australian Innovation Award in October 1996. As a result of this the Combi was showcased at Australia's contemporary museum: The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia.

In 1998 -1999 the Wagtail 'Combi' won the Gold and Silver Medals at the International Inventions Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.