Complete range of Glidex, Squeegee, Window Washer, Telescopic Pole, Window Squeegee.

Glidex squeegees are fast becoming the preferred brand of choice by professionals and household consumers. The sleek construction is not only durable but effective. Checkout the Glidex window squeegee and window washer price tag. Compared to the more expensive imported brands like Ettore, Pulex and Unger, Glidex is a real alternative.

Glidex Alloy Channel complete with Rubber and End Clips provides the high quality rubber-based compound is the result of years of rigorous testing to establish  exactly the right balance between durability and ease of use while maintaining a perfect streak-free edge.

Available from 15cm to 90cm.

Lightweight Shower Screen Squeegee has a plastic Handle and the rubber is held in the aluminium channel with a centrepunch to the channel- please see picture. Ideal for shower use because if you drop it it won’t damage your expensive bathroom tiles or fittings , it’s very lightweight.

This domestic home use squeegee is a step above those cheap plastic ones. The rubber can be swapped around but you will need some mechanical knowledge in how to pry open the centrepunch then re punch it to hold the rubber. Available in 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm.

Glidex rubber squeegee blades  available in 12 lengths from 150mm–910mm (6” –36”).
Glidex Window Washer Complete

Glidex T-bar swivel washer available in five widths from 250mm–910mm (10”–36”).  All Glidex swivel washers have the unique . Safe-Connect feature for use with Glidex poles


Glidex T-bar swivel washer. Available in five widths from 250mm–910mm (10”–36”). All Glidex swivel washers have the unique. Safe-Connect99 feature for use with Glidex poles.


Glidex Stainless Steel Squeegee Clip to fit Glidex squeegee channel, used to hold rubber in position.

Glidex poles also have a unique fluted grip design that provides a safer grip and greater comfort to the user.  A tough, contoured end grip gives added comfort also when poling for long periods.

Available in lengths from 0.6m-6.7m (2ft-22ft)

Glidex Locking Cone Assembly helps secure the pole in a position.

Glidex Pole Tapered end tip with safe-connect locking latch. Pole Utility end tip/threaded end for cobweb brush, paint roller, squegee etc.

End grip for for 2 (G2P1) and 3 section pole (G3P1).