Complete range of Pulex window squeegees, window washers, squeegee handles, rubbers, etc


Pulex Stainless Steel Squeegee Complete

The PULEX stainless steel window squeegee is highly appreciated by professional window cleaners.


Pulex Stainless Steel Handle & Channels

Pulex Excellent quality stainless steel channel and replacement rubber that gives additional life to your stainless steel complete squeegee (SABC-T00).


Pulex Complete Brass Squeegee

The PULEX Brass squeegee, a modern version of the original Chicago squeegee, is the classic tools used by traditional window cleaners. The rubber blade is secured in the channel by a clip that adjusts the tension.

Ettore & Pulex Brass Squeegee Clips

Ettore & Pulex Brass Squeegee Clips are used to secure the rubber at both ends so avoiding stretching and slipping.


Pulex Brass Handle & Channels

Brass Channel and Rubbers are designed as replacement for Sabco Brass Squeegee. Available sizes are from 6" to 22".


Pulex Plastic Squeegee Handle & Aluminium Channels

Pulex Plastic Squeegee Handle features professional locking system of the channel. It is easy to use and cost effective squeegee handle. Easy channel change with a wing nut type mechanism.


Pulex Replacement Squeegee Soft Rubbers

Pulex Super Soft for better cleaning. Best performance in cold weather. It is easy to use when cleaning with minimal pressure. It is suitable for use with all squeegees.

Pulex Window Washer Complete

The Pulex window washer stands out due to the exceptional resistance of the acrylic microfibers. These fibres maintain there features even after months of heavy duty work. It comes in 4 sizes ranging from 25cm to 55cm the T bar is made from aluminium, steel and plastic. Also available in the swivel version.


Pulex Plastic T-Bar Fixed

Replacement T-bar, honey combed for water retention durable one piece construction made of superior plastic. Works with all standard washer covers Fits all extension poles.


Pulex Plastic and Aluminium T-Bar Swivel

Replacement T-bar with aluminum lightweight bar works with all standard washer covers. Swivels side to side for pole work and angle precision. Fits all standard extension poles. Available in 3 sizes.


Pulex Abrasive Washer Sleeve

The Pulex Abrasive Washer Sleeve has standard synthetic fabric on one side and an abrasive scrubbing pad on the other for tough grime and dirt.


Pulex Telescopic Poles

Pulex telescopic poles offer a full range of possibilities for high up cleaning. They are comprised of one, two or three parts and come in 14 standard sizes from 1.25 metres to 11 metres. The locking collars are made from nylon. The end of each pole comprises a standard or screw cone for mounting any type of tool.


Pulex Tubex Holster w/ Detachable Clip

The Pulex Tubex is a multi purpose plastic holder designed to hold the squeegee of various sizes and the window washer all in every limited compact space. The washer stays wet ready for use without dripping.

Pulex Window Cleaners Bucket 22L

With a 22L capacity this Lightweight, chemical resistant window cleaners bucket has a Comfortable non-slip grip. Size: H 250 x W 490 x D 240mm

Pulex Window Cleaners Bucket S/Steel Sieve

This is made from quality stainless steel and is surprisingly heavy. Attaches to the inside of the bucket wall and accommodates window washer up to 45cm in length.

Pulex Castor Wheels

Pulex Clip Male End Tubex

Often this little part goes missing and up unit now, the only way was to buy a whole new Tubex bucket to get this part. Cleaners supermarket has imported this male clip to " make sense" and frankly to help our customers save time and money.

Pulex Ultralite Aluminium Channel

It is a lightweight multi-purpose squeegee made entirely of aluminium. Aluminium squeegees are a must for window cleaners demanding ultra-light tools. Available from 8" (20cm) to 22" (55cm).