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Power Plus Booster 10Kg - Research Products

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Booster, brightener and stain remover for carpets. Stain removing, deodorising booster and brightener for carpets.
For addition to prespray or portable machine hot water tanks. Ideal for pale coloured or hard-to-clean fibres. Especially useful in combining with SURGE on fire damaged carpets.

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Self neutralising carpet prespray powder. No fillers, no opticals, no high pH.

At last a powder that reduces in pH and total alkalinity as it dries in the carpet. It cleans even the toughest food and drink spill stains in restaurants and pubs. Safe on all fibres, super economy. A breakthrough enzyme powder prespray formulation that meets ANZS 3733 in all areas.

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Task force is a powdered low foam formulation designed for use through portable and truck mount wet extraction systems alike. May also be used as a powerful pre-spray.
A unique deep clean combination of water-soluble solvents, alkaline salts and top grade surfactants leaving a fresh smelling carpet free of grease and dirt. It is designed to provide very gentle cleaning action and freshening that leaves carpets, rugs and upholstery de-odorised and free of grease and dirt. It should only be used with steam or hot water extraction units or wet vacuum units. Task Force exhibits a low foam profile and moderately alkaline pH.