Wool Wash


Cleaners Supermarket Eucalyptus WoolWash

The original Australian recipe and best possible product for hand washing of woollens. Original no rinse formula. Phosphate Free, Environmentally Friendly & Septic Safe.

Jasol Woolwash Delicate Fabric Detergent 5L

Jasol Woolwash Delicate Fabric Detergent. Eucalyptus woolwash, suitable for hand and machine washing, does not cause shrinkage or felting, concentrated formula, free rinsing.

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Peerless Wool Wash 5L

Peerless Wool Wash is specifically formulated for washing woollen garments & delicate items that need extra care. It contains specially chosen mild surfactants and water softening agents.

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Peerless PRE WASH Stain Remover 5L

Powerful detergent based laundry pre spotting formulation for all fabric pre-treatment prior to washing. It is ideal for use on collars, cuffs and stains of every description.

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