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Jasol Woolwash 5L

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Delicate Fabric Detergent. Eucalyptus woolwash, suitable for hand and machine washing, does not cause shrinkage or felting, concentrated formula, free rinsing.
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Specifically formulated for washing woollen garments & delicate items that need extra care. It contains specially chosen mild surfactants and water softening agents.
Wool Wash contains eucalyptus oil to aid soil removal and leave your laundered items clean with a fresh fragrance. This laundry liquid detergent is ideal for babies wear, bath towels, terry toweling and washable blankets. Also used for washing eiderdowns, sleeping bags, quilts and sheepskins.

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Powerful detergent based laundry pre spotting formulation for all fabric pre-treatment prior to washing. It is ideal for use on collars, cuffs and stains of every description.
 To be effective in removing tea, coffee, cordial, lipstick, biro and certain types of grease, hot water must be used. It is recommended to have patch test on an inconspicuous area on denim and other coloured materials.