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L2 Super concentrated liquid laundry detergent for OPL (on-premise laundry)systems and manual laundry machines. Not suitable for front loaders.

It provides emulsification during wash cycles to improve soil and grease removal, and to assist in rinsability of the Super Conc Alka from fabric.

This product is sold in super concentrated form. This allows to deliver unparalleled economy of in use solutions. Because of the high dilution rates involved, we have specifically formulated these products to be used through automatic proportioners.
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L4 Super concentrated laundry sour for removal of residual alkali from fabric.

This product is sold in super concentrated form. This allows to deliver unparalleled economy of in use solutions.

It designed to neutralise any residual alkalinity in fabric after the main wash is completed and should be dosed automatically to ensure excess is not added. Use through automatic metering equipment into industrial and institutional laundry washing machines. Use in position L4.

Super Conc Sour MSDS

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Scotts Lemon Laundry Liquid is a laundry detergent which assists on cleaning clothes, removing stains and providing a fresh lemon fragrance.

It is ideal for use in front loading, top loading and twin tub washers in hot, warm and cold water on all washable materials.

Simple Green Laundry Liquid Detergent 2.95L

Simple Green
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Simple Green Laundry is tough on dirt, grease, grass, food, coffee and wine with its powerful 2x enzymatic formula, leaving a sunrise fresh scent.

It provides powerful cleaning in both hot and cold water. One 100oz bottle cleans up to 100 loads.

Simple Green Laundry can be used for general laundry and stain pre-treating. Use in both Front Loader and Top Loader washing machines.

With no detectable 1,4-dioxane, borax, phosphates, chlorine or optical-brighteners, this biodegradable formula is gentle on delicate skin. It is safe on all washable fabric.

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Jasol EC20 Liquid is biodegradable and environmentally responsible multipurpose laundry detergent which is powerful enough to remove stubborn soils in domestic and light industrial laundries but is gentle enough to be used on most fabrics.

This laundry detergent is made from renewable plant resources, environmentally responsible for your laundry needs.

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Jasol THS Dislodge Detergent Emulsifier is a surfactant additive for laundry washing sytems highly effective for heavy oily and greasy soils.

Available in 20L.

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Jasol Surfactant Concentrate Laundry Detergent is a biodegradable surfactant contains soil suspending agents and brighteners ideal for use with Alkali Concentrate in commercial laundries equipped with automatic dispensing systems. It is also an excellent pre-soak or pre-spotter for most stains.

Use with automatic dispensing systems. For pre-spotting, apply undiluted. For Pre-soak, use 25-50ml/5L water and soak overnight.

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Cleaners Supermarket Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid is a unique highly concentrated detergent that performs excellently for heavy-duty washing. Leaves fresh eucalyptus fragrance. Low foaming product.

Ideal for both Top and Front Loader Washing Machines.