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Are you looking for an automotive interior or exterior leather cleaner for your vinyl, plastic or leather? Look no further! Shop below and save!

Septone Armour Cologne - Vinyl and Leather Protector and Rejuvenator

Septone Armour Cologne Rejuvenator protects, revives and beautifies leather, vinyl, rubber, acrylics and plastics by restoring the natural shine, feel and colour of the original material.

B Brite Cleaner and Polisher - Research Products

Spray-on cleaner, shiner and finger mark protector. B Brite Cleaner and Polishers protects, cleans and polishes Glass, Chrome, and Polished Timber, Stainless Steel, Formica, Painted and Vitreous Surfaces.


Chemtech Detail Interior Cleaner

Chemtech Detail is an all-purpose, non-caustic, spray and wipe interior cleaner for use on vehicle dashboards, consoles, door trims and upholstery.


Chemtech Shield Interior Protectant

Chemtech Shield Interior Protectant has been specifically formulated to freshen & protect all types of plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces in the interior of your car while leaving a vanilla fragrance.


Rain-X Anti Fog - Interior Glass and Mirrors

Rain‑X® Anti-Fog prevents interior fogging and removes smoke residue before the problem begins. It is ideal for use on automotive and marine interior glass and mirrors.

Leather and Vinyl Cleaner LVC

"LVC" Leather and Vinyl Cleaner is what you've been looking for! It is a non-greasy conditioner designed for interior use but also works great for keeping leather or vinyl roofs or covers looking and feeling like new.

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Chemtech Diesel Power Fuel Additive

Chemtech Diesel Power fuel additive has been specifically formulated to boost engine performance, more dependable power and acceleration.

Chemtech Petrol Power Petrol Fuel Treatment 300ml

Chemtech Petrol Power Fuel Additive is ideal for cars, 4WDs, bikes and boats. It has been formulated to improve fuel economy, to restore engine performance, reduce engine wear, protect valves and rings, dissolve gums and varnish, disperse water and control algae and bacteria.

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