Dust Mite & Allergy

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The cleaning action of our 2X Multi-Allergen Removal formula helps clean and remove dust mite waste allergen, pet and pollen allergens. It also contains Scotchgard protector that resists dirt and stains.

This machine formula is specially formulated for allergy sufferers. Helps to remove multiple allergens such as dust mite waste, pet and pollen allergen.

- Deep cleans, and resists dirt and stains with Scotchgard™ protector.
- Safe for all full sized deep cleaners
- Average coverage 42 - 70 sq m or 2-3 average size rooms

Dry Fusion Bactoshield 5L

Dry Fusion
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Designed for the latest changes that have been made in carpet fibres and construction.



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Anti-Dust mite treatment for people with Asthma & Allergies. Total Hygiene DM-1 dramatically reduces dust mite excrement, mould, bacteria and fungi in the treated mattresses, carpets, curtains or soft furnishings.
A revolutionary, proactive solution for asthma, allergies, rhinitis (hay fever), eczema, sinusitis, emphysema, bronchitis, snoring and other skin and respiratory disorders that works by removing dust mites and harmful bacteria.

Total Hygiene DM-1 creates a durable barrier that prevents reinfestation for up to six months by inhibiting microbial growth and denying the dust mites a food source. After six months you simply reapply for continuing protection.

Total Hygiene DM-1 is clinically proven to be at least 99% effective, is not an irritant or sensitising when used as directed.

Total Hygiene DM-1 is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and effective.

Total Hygiene DM-1 is a dual action anti dust mite – anti microbial treatment for textiles like bedding, upholstery, drapes and carpets. It protects against dust mites, bacteria and fungi providing excellent protection for people with allergies like asthma, sinus and eczema.

Take control over the symptoms immediately. Today millions of people have asthma and allergies related directly to biological pollution. Total Hygiene DM-1 will provide immediate relief and long lasting benefits. Bacteria will multiply in mattresses, under the sofa and in the carpets. Sleep easier, breather easier and feel better with this extremely effective, safe to use and environmentally friendly treatment.

Bedding: mattress, pillow, doona, cushions, soft toys, drapes.
Lounge Suite: upholstery, cushions, dining chairs, drapes.
Carpet: rugs, mats, pet beds.
Car: seats, carpets.

This product is only for sale to trained technicians for approved application, not for resale or consumer application.