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Scent Aire Air Care Kit includes a Micro Digital Dispenser plus four different fragrance refills, a battery for the dispenser, a microfibre cloth and a walnut non-scratch sponge scourer. All aimed at washroom use.

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Scent Aire’s Signature Metered Aerosol Dispensers are state-of-the-art Chrome Digital Dispensers that automatically delivers a pre-set shot of fragrance spray.

It also features aerosols with metered tips to dispense just the right amount of delightful fragrance of your choice.

Scent Aire Signature, 30 Day Fragrance Aerosols don’t just mask bad odours but neutralises odours that are strong unpleasant smells and convert them to a beautiful, long lasting fragrance.  Fragrances available are sunburst, mountain air,  melon mist and mango.

You can choose a start time, spray intervals and day length on these digital programmable dispensers. Available in white chrome and satin chrome.

Scent Aire Micro Dispenser

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Scent Aire Micro Dispenser is programmable that allows you to choose start time, spray intervals and day length. This compact size dispenser can take the micro refills.

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Eco-Air 2.0 30-Day Air Freshener and Deodorizer is a powerful air freshening system with unique great fragrances designed to last for a month without batteries or fans. This ultra air room freshener provides an alternative to traditional aerosol refills and dispensers.

It works well in larges spaces providing consistent air freshness - restroom stalls, on restroom walls, entry ways, lobbies, conference rooms, trash rooms or even cars.
Controlling odours is a critical component of any cleaning performance. We provide you with a total program that eliminate offensive odours.
For the freshest room, use the complete line:

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Door Fresh is a wall mounted restroom air freshener that is great-looking, lockable that provides air freshening when and where you need it most. It can last for up to 30 days. Ideal for women's restroom.

How it works: Uses Airflow created by door movement of stalls and entry. Everytime the door is opened or closed Door Fresh activates the fragrance.

Use the Door Fresh Brain at the entrance door and one Drone in each stall nearby the door.  The Brain is also a unit which reminds you when to replace all the air fresheners in the restroom with either a visible or audible alert.

Ensure your commercial restroom is smelling good all the time with Door Fresh Air Fresheners!