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Chemtech Carfresh Vanilla Air Freshener 500ml

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Chemtech Carfresh Vanilla Air Freshener deodorises & freshens the air whilst neutralising tobacco and unpleasant odours in your car, workplace or around the home.
Chemtech Carfresh effectively gets rid of these offensive odours and imparts a fresh crisp vanilla fragrance reminiscent of balmy tropical evenings.

To use, simply spray 3-5 pumps of Carfresh regularly into the air or onto carpet for lasting pleasant vanilla fragrance.

Nilodor Deodorising Granules

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The Nilodor Granule range offers a comprehensive program to absorb odours and liquids that cause odours. 
Nilogel absorbs liquids to form a gel and deodorises water-soluble spills, for example, vomit and urine. Nilofresh rug and room deodoriser is available in a variety of fragrances which are non-abrasive, absorbs the odour and does not damage vacuums. It is available in various fragrances.
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Scent Aire 30 Days Signature Fragrance Tower new passive deodorant cartridge for freshening the air in almost any size space.

This air freshener can fit in most wall dispensers. You don't need batteries in order for this to work. It can last for 30 days. It is ideal for use in bathroom stalls, restrooms, kitchens, offices, hallways, etc.