Computer Screen and Whiteboards

Fellowes Screen Cleaner

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Alcohol-free screen cleaning spray safely removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from all types of computer screens and glass surfaces.

Works on all CRT and LCD computer monitors, LCD laptop screens, privacy and anti-glare filters, PDAs, scanners and television screens. Includes 4oz. spray bottle with 20 absorbent wipes. Not for use on mesh screens.

125ml Spray bottle & 20 wipes.

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Earthsmart Window and Glass Cleaner is a readily biodegradable, non hazardous, streak free window and glass cleaner that removes dirt and soils from windows, glass, computer monitors and white boards.

Key benefits of Earthsmart Window and Glass Cleaner:
- Readily Biodegradable
- Non-Toxic
- Non-hazardous
- Impressive finish results
- Chlorine-free
- Phosphate free