Hydro Pump Sink Detergent Pump with Spout

HydroPump dispenses liquid into buckets, sinks or other reservoirs without lifting or tipping the container of concentrate.



TaskMizer dispensers combine the latest in dispensing technology, providing the industry's most advanced, cost efficient dispensers.


22 litres per min flow rate   or

10 litres per min flow rate


Hydro Sprayer

HydroSprayers automatically dilute concentrated products and apply the resulting solution where needed as a fine mist spray.

Hydro Foamer/Sprayer Hose End

Hose end foamers and sprayers offer automatic dilution with convenient control of where and how solution is applied.


Hydro Flo

HydroFlo is a faucet proportioner that adds the amount of concentrate you preselect into the water stream from a faucet to deliver diluted solution at the touch of a button.

Accu Dose

Hydro’s Push Button Proportioners represent the latest in chemical management systems, automatically diluting solutions into spray bottles, mop buckets, auto scrubbers or other containers simply at the touch of a button.


MaxiMizerTM II systems provide storage, dilution and dispensing of concentrates in a single system.

Mini Dose Proportioning System

The new single button MiniDose proportioning system includes all of the proven Hydro Systems components that cost conscious chemical suppliers have come to depend upon.

Multidose Hand Pump

The MultiDose is a unique hand pump designed to deliver accurate doses of concentrated chemicals into sinks, bottle, buckets, and other containers. Ideal for restricted storage.

Sink Master

The SinkMaster allows you to conveniently fill large sinks with properly diluted solutions of detergent and/or sanitizer regardless of the size of the sink or how much is dispensed.