Tea Towels I Grill Cloths

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Are you having hard time cleaning your kitchen oven, barbecues, microwaves and cooktop every after use? White Magic has created a chemical free cleaning solution to remove stubborn grease and grime using water only.

White Magic Eco Cloth Oven and Cooktop is made with aggressive nylon fibres, twin sided for scrubbing and wiping heavily soiled areas around the kitchen. The scrubbing side is perfect for cutting through the most stubborn grease and grime. The flat side is designed to finish the job by wiping away loose debri and leaving a streak free finish.
It is 77 % Larger than other Cloth.

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With this amazing Eco Cloth Tea Towel from White Magic, now you can get your plates, glasses, cookware and cutlery dry in no time. It is the most absorbent tea towel you will ever use, that dries 4 times faster than a standard tea towel.

White Magic Eco Cloth Tea Towels are specially designed to attract water and leave your dishes lint free, and leave no smears, streaks or water marks.  Available in 3 pack and 1 pack. It is available in different colours: tangerine, sea blue, lemon, forest, coral, grape, pebble, citrus, rainbow, rose, and midnight.

Tea Towels - Pack of 12

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100% cotton checked tea towels. 2 Sizes and 2 Grades of cotton available. Premium grade is 45cm x 70cm ( 70 gram), and regular grade is 50cm x 70 cm (45 gram).

Tea Towel Dining Cloth

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Super absorbent natural cotton. Fast drying. Red stripe for identification. Easily washable.Ideal for dish and table top service. Dimensions: W350 x D580mm

Tea Towel Grill Cloth

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Super absorbency natural cotton. Waffle weave and super thick. Designed for cleaning grills when hot after flame off.
Use wet on hot grills with hand protection or tongs.Washable and reusable. dimensions of cloth are 300mm x 550mm. Choose 12 cloths if you would like to purchase a carton of these.

Tea Towel Cafe Cloth

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Super absorbent natural cotton. Fast drying. Easily washable. Ideal for dish and table top service.

 Yellow stripe for identification, helping with cross contamination purposes. Dimensions of this cloth are 350mm x 580mm. Choose 72 cloths if you wish to purchase a carton of this product.