Tea Towels I Grill Cloths

Sabco Tea Towels - Pack of 12

Sabco Cotton Checked Tea Towels, premium grade. Machine Washable so can be reused several times.

Tea Towel Cloth 102G Extra Heavy Duty Pk of 3

Tea Towels with high grade, made of 100% cotton are great for absorbing moisture and quickly drying your crockery, glassware, cutlery and pots & pans.

Tea Towel Dining Cloth

Tea towel dining cloth with super absorbent natural cotton. Fast drying. Red stripe for identification. Easily washable.Ideal for dish and table top service. Dimensions: W350 x D580mm

Tea Towel Grill Cloth 30cm x 55cm

Super absorbency natural cotton tea towel grill cloth. Waffle weave and super thick. Designed for cleaning grills when hot after flame off.

Tea Towel Cafe Cloth

Super absorbent natural cotton tea towel cafe cloth. Fast drying. Easily washable. Ideal for dish and table top service.

Tea Towel 100% Cotton 50g

This affordable tea towel is made of 100% Cotton, basic grade, great for giving your kitchen a lift with its colorful design.