Plastic and Eco-Friendly Paper Straws

Browse through our range of plastic, and 100% recyclable and compostable, eco-friendly paper straws. Our paper straws are:
- Made from FSC ® Certified Paper
- 100% Recyclable & Compostable
- Plastic and chemical free
- Custom printing available

Envirochoice Paper Straws 3 Ply

Why not add some character to your drinks with these paper straws? Envirochoice 3 Ply Paper Straws will last for a drink not a lifetime. Available in classic and squirky designs.

Caterpak Eco-Friendly Cocktail Paper Straws 5x 120mm Ctn 2500

Caterpak Cocktail Paper Straws 5mm(thick) x 120mm (wide) are unique eco-friendly paper straws ideal for wedding cocktails or kids drinks. These are made from FSC® Certified Paper!

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Carton 2500

Caterpak Eco-Friendly Disposable Flexi Paper Straws

These Eco-Friendly Disposable Flexible Paper Straws are plastic and chemical free. Made from FSC Certified Paper.

Caterpak Eco-Friendly Jumbo Paper Straws 10 x 197mm Ctn 2500

Caterpak Jumbo Paper Straws 10mm(thick) x 197mm (wide) are excellent for use in pubs, clubs and outdoor venues. These are made from FSC® Certified Paper!

Caterpak Eco-Friendly Regular Paper Straws 6 x 197mm Ctn 2500

Caterpak Regular Paper Straws 6mm(thick) x 197mm are ideal for Cafes and Restaurants. These are made from FSC® Certified Paper!