Rectangular Containers & Lid


Microready Rectangular Takeaway Containers

Castaway® MicroReady® takeaway containers are ideal for serving both hot and cold food products. These rectangular, microwavable containers are economical and versatile, and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit various applications.

500 ml Regular Clear TABS-500

650 ml Regular Clear TABS-650

2 Compartment Tray Clear TABS-650ST

700 ml Regular Clear TABS-700

750 ml Regular Clear TABS-750

1000 ml Regular Clear TABS-1000A

Rectangle Lids TABS-LID

350 ml Square Clear TABS-350

Flat Lid for square 350 ml container TACV-350L

Wide Based 700 ml - Clear- TABS-850D

Wide Based 700 ml - Black - TABS850DB

Wide Based Raised domed lid for TABS-850D & TABS-1000B

Wide based 1000 ml - Clear - TABS-1000B

Wide based 1000 ml - Black -TABS1000BB

Clear Flat Lid for TABS850D/ TA1000BTABS1000BB TABS1000BL

Black Rectangle 500 ml TABS-500B

Black Rectangle 650 ml TABS-650B

Black Rectangle 700 ml TABS-700B

Black Rectangle 750 ml TABS-750B

Black Rectangle 1000 ml TABS-1000AB

Black Rectangle Lids TABSLIDB


Tailored Clear Rectangular Containers Carton of 500

Available in different sizes.

Raised Rectangular Lids - Clear

It fits all Rectangular Bases. Available in carton of 500.

Beta Board Hot Dog Tray Ctn 200

Disposable hot dog paper tray, carton of 200. Dimensions: 208x70x75mm