Round Soft Std White Glass Polishing Pad

Available in 5" and 7"

Round Soft White Glass Polishing Pad

Available in 5" and 7"

Bungee Tool Lanyard

The Tool Bungee has triple thick heavy duty connector ring fasteners. swivel connector reduces twisting or binding. Connect one end to your tool, other end to a chair, harness, etc. Swivel connector reduces twisting or binding. Made of corrosion resistant materials.
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Wagtail Orbit

The Wagtail Orbit helps you pivot water fed brushes to reach into corners and over obstacles without the need to be directly in line with the working area.  It can fit on 25mm-35mm brush handle.

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Wagtail 10M Water Fed Tubing with Connector

Wagtail 10 metres PVC tubing with hose connector for water fed cleaning.
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Wagtail Thick Pad for Curved Scrubber and T-Bar Mop

Wagtail Thick Pad is a thicker version of blue microfibre pad. Great for Curved Scrubber and T-Bar Mop.

Wagtail Wing Tips for Precision Glide Squeegee 5 Pairs

Replacement plastic wing tips for Precision Glide Squeegee. End clips for detailing window edges. It comes in 5 pairs.

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Unger ErgoTec Double Leather Holster

Strong black leather holster with two compartments.

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Unger StarDuster Pipe Brush 280mm

Unger StarDuster Pipe Brush can dust large and small areas. It features a bendable, 11" curved brush and is constructed of heavy-duty wire and polypropylene bristles.

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Soft Waterproof Bob Blue Holster

The Original Soft BOB, or bucket on a belt, is a unique accessory, the first of its kind. It is able to hold up to an 18-inch strip washer, two squeegees and detailing towels or scrim this soft bucket on a belt is made from durable vinyl.

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Steel Wool Pad 225mm x 100mm

Ideal for glass, marble, metal and ceramic. Grade 0000


Eureka Quad Pro Plastic End Caps and Metal Clips

Improved Quad Pro Plastic End Caps with metal locking clips are now stronger and fixed to the aluminium channel.

Pack of 2

Eureka Brass End Clips

Eureka Solid Brass End Clips that are durable to  ensure that the squeege rubber is fixed at both ends to avoid slipping and stretching.
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Moerman Hydra Vertigo Moerman Tool Adapter

Connects Vertigo Water Fed Pole Neck to Moerman Hand Tool Squeegee.
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Wagtail Sponge Pad Value Pack

4.8m (15.7') length replacement Sponge Pad for Hygienie, E-Squeegee & Power Pivot.
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Wagtail Scouring Strip for Pivoting Applicator

Wagtail Durable scouring strip for use on the Pivoting Applicator easily adheres to the Velcro® Brand closure on the Pivoting Applicator.