Eureka Window Squeegee Complete

Eureka Window Squeegee Complete is made of solid stainless steel which can suit on most extension poles.

Lightweight Shower Screen Squeegee

Lightweight Shower Screen Squeegee has a plastic Handle and the rubber is held in the aluminium channel with a centrepunch to the channel- please see picture. Ideal for shower use because if you drop it it won’t damage your expensive bathroom tiles or fittings , it’s very lightweight.


Double Sided Window Squeegee Red with Sponge and Handle

Double Sided Window Squeegee Red with Sponge and 50cm wooden handle. Available in 20 and 25cm.

Wagtail Slimline Squeegee Handle

Wagtail Smooth Pivoting Handle for Slimline Squeegees and is interchangeable with other popular channels. You slide the Aluminium Slimline Channel and secure with the phillips head screw provided.

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Wagtail Slimline PC (Pivot Control) Handle

Wagtail Pivot Control Handle for Slimline Squeegees and interchangeable with other popular channels.The Pivot positioned on top enables greater accuracy and smooth movement, effortless washing and squeegeeing.

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